Medium size parts machined at VTEK Machine
Small precision parts machined at VTEK Machine
Knobs and dials machined on our 5-axis CNC lathe
Goose and Duck calls

VTEK Machines' professional machinists can create precisely-machined parts out of
many materials, including plastics, stainless steels, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and
composite materials.
  • Our customers rely on us to solve any problems we may encounter in the areas of process capability,
    inventory control, or engineering problems

  • The machinists at VTEK Machine are not only highly skilled, they are also professional and friendly
    toward customers, and genuinely care about their satisfaction.

  • Our machinists can work with a broad variety of materials, including free machining steels, stainless
    steel, copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, plastic, phenolics, alloy steel, and composite materials.

  • We keep our production facilities clean and organized so if a repeat order comes back we can produce the
    same quality parts that you received the first time

  • We can fulfill light assembly orders and handle medium production volumes.

  • We are very productive with prototypes and short runs

  • We offer flexible, just-in-time manufacturing services that are highly responsive to inventory control and
    customer stock.